Despite the use of modern technology and computers in today’s business world there are still offices surrounded by paper. In some offices, staff members spend countless hours going through file cabinets searching for paper documents, organizing, reviewing, copying, annotating and sending them to clients.

The company is spending substantial sums of money storing these paper documents. Aspire Solutions can help solve this problem with our extensive Document Scanning and Management Solution. We can turn your old paper filing system into a modern electronic database that allows the user to search, edit, copy, review, and send any document.

Unlike a basic scanning service offered by our competitors, ASI's IMPRoVS process not only creates a digital image of your paper document, but through our proprietary process, turns that into a source of data for to feed into your business intelligence. We go beyond simply turning your paper process into digital paper, we give you usable and searchable data.

ASI has proven to be successful with a wide range of documents. Typically, ASI is geared towards large scale operations either on site or off site.

  • Ranging from <2 million documents to >10 million documents
  • Shop documentation
  • Medical records
  • Mortgages paperwork
  • Quality inspection documentation

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