Aspire Solutions, Inc (ASI)

If you are tired of sitting behind a desk every day, ASI is the place for you.  Working at ASI enables our personnel to work closely with our clients on a wide variety of projects.  ASI core focus is process re-engineering.  This goes far beyond lean/six sigma projects.  ASI utilizes cutting edge technologies to revolutionize the process enabling them to compete in the 21th century.  We do this through leveraging technology.  ASI utilizes engineers, analyst, I.T. professionals, project managers, retired DoD, and other experienced maintenance professionals to help our customers repair their fleets faster at a lower cost with increasing quality.

ASI does not silo our employees.  Our engineers/project managers/process analyst serve as the eyes/ears of our I.T. professionals to ensure not only our immediate needs met, but future opportunities are built into the solution.  This close relationship allows everyone to consider the others needs ensuring better results.

Working At ASI

ASI employs a wide range of individuals from project managers / engineers who work directly with the client and perform data analysis, to I.T. professionals who help develop our leading edge products. In reality every member of the team gets some exposure to each area helping them become well rounded and highly diverse. Within our IT department our employees design applications, develop code, design/manage databases while working directly with internal and external customers. Our Project Managers and Engineers have the opportunity to travel to customer’s sites, personally managing large projects and their personnel both during field visits and from the home office. ASI offers a dynamic work environment where employees do not do the same things day after day, and get to see how their hard work impacts both our customers as well as ASI.

Where We WKC135 Depotork

ASI has projects throughout the United States with offices in AR, OK, IL, and TX. Our primary clientele is the Department of Defense and U.S. Armed Forces, which allows ASI the chance to be up close and personal with the latest airplanes, helicopters, tanks, ground support systems, radars, and other sophisticated weapon systems. We also have an extensive background working within the public/private sector with well recognized fortune 500 companies. ASI employee’s have the opportunity to travel to many locations and work directly with these systems, rather than just sitting in a cubicle day in and day out.


As the nation’s infrastructure continues to age, increased maintenance will be required to keep the systems operational. ASI is well positioned to take advantage of this growth and is looking to add several individuals. We need the best and brightest in I.T., Engineering, and Project Mgt to support these opportunities. Unlike large corporations where a defined career path must be followed, employees at ASI have the opportunity to advance as rapidly as their skill set and hard work can take them.

Key Attributes and Background

  • Strong process improvement background.
  • Strong communication skills.  Both written and verbal since our employees will be spending a lot of time with clients, out on the shop floors, and preparing charts and reports discussing their findings.
  • Tech savvy.  This includes a strong knowledge of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Everyone claims knowledge of this suite, but few can truly format a Word document or utilize Excel to perform analysis.
  • Programming knowledge.  Visual Basic at a minimum.  Working knowledge of a database such as Access is ideal including the ability to perform embedded SQL type queries.
  • Self motivated.  Everyone lists this with their job descriptions, but we do not have managers that just oversee people and do not plan to hire any at this point. The employee will need to be mature and able to work independently. Type A personalities fit best as long as you are team oriented.

If you are interested, please review the detailed jobs listed here. To apply for a position send your resume to Please reference the position that best fits your qualifications.

*** Positions currently available! ***


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