The Process Guide has a tremendous impact on operations from production to training, and even planning. Below are details on just how much of a difference the Process Guide can make in your organization.

  • Standardization of both processes and data
    • Minimizes subjectivity, ensures that correct information is used and uniform results are captured.
  • Produce higher quality end product
    • Converting data into information that is actionable and cost effective
  • Enhance production capabilities
    • Reduce response time and eliminate unnecessary rework hours
  • Provide all technical material at Point-of-Use
    • Minimize mistakes and ensure that your technicians and maintainers have the correct technical resources
  • Shared knowledge allows new maintainers to learn procedures effectively and quickly
    • Reduce training time
  • Minimize impacts of retirements
    • Keep as much on the job training and knowledge as possible on the shop floor


Proven Results: The technology’s impact has been independently verified by CTMA with quantifiable benefits.

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