ASI offers full-service, turnkey document management and data collection solution including:

  • Document handling
  • Digitizing paper documents
  • Destruction of paper
  • Electronic file storage and retrieval

All electronic documents are delivered in a non-proprietary format and require no special viewers to read.

Converting paper into digital files only provides a partial solution. Aspire Solutions Inc. (ASI) offers extremely high quality, full color digital documentation far superior to traditional scanning operations. ASI’s solution provides much more than just scanning. We provide total file management including:

Preparation – Proper management on the front end prevents costly mistakes and poor quality on the back end. Includes binding removal, sorting, and document quality checks to ensure conformance to customer specifications.

Scanning – High quality equipment and ASI quality checks eliminates typical errors. Includes double page feed, orientation, and creased page management.

Conversion – Enhanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) accuracy 80%-85% compared to 50%-55% for traditional conversion rates.

Optimization – File optimization reduces typical file size 500% without impacting document quality enabling faster transfer rates.

Quality Assurance – Every document is automatically analyzed for quality including de-skew, de-speckle, orientation, blank page removal, order based on customer specifications.

Meta-Data – Key attributes of the paper documentation such as serial # can be automatically captured to enhance file management and availability.

Visibility – The process has 100% accountability / visibility at the document level.

Outbound – Electronic file transformed in whatever format required by the customer (*.tif, *.jpg, *.pdf, etc) and paper documentation returned, shredded, etc based on customer specifications.

Accessibility – Digital documentation does not require a proprietary viewer and can be easily transferred internally, to clients, and around the world.


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