Because of the Wal-Mart and Department of Defense (DOD) mandates, RFID has become a hot topic. Many organizations are evaluating the potential impacts RFID can have on their supply chains. RFID has the ability to impact the supply chain in many ways including to:

  • Help reduce costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase efficiency in supply chain management
  • Improve security
  • Control inventory loss

Many organizations are approaching RFID in the same manner as they have other data collection devices. While the handsfree tracking capabilities of RFID is an advantage, until these organizations get outside the traditional lines of thinking, RFID will never make a large difference. These organizations expect material tracking and visibility to provide the ROI made in RFID. While both are benefits, it is difficult to cost justify RFID based on material tracking and visibility because many organizations already have many of these benefits in place using barcodes. Our experience has shown that the data RFID collects is the real nugget and proves the high impact, quick ROI companies desire.


Aspire Solutions, Inc (ASI) has the experience and expertise to help your organizations:

  • Create a strategic RFID vision to ensure high impact, quick ROI results
  • Select the appropriate readers, tags, and middleware to minimize cost without sacrificing functionality
  • Manage the data and convert it to meaningful information that can be used to make decisions
  • Implement the solution across your supply chain and trading partners

Proven Experience

ASI has almost ten years of experience working with RFID, and has been active with both Wal-Mart and DOD vendors in solution design, selection, and implementation with several RFID case studies illustrating the process and results.


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